Day 13 - Thanking Doctors during Corona pandemic and Storytime!

Day 13

        Dear Diary,

        Happy Weekend. Today, there was nothing special to share with you so I thought I'd share some very interesting writing pieces of mine. While last time we thanked shopkeepers, this time we are going to thank doctors.  You might be wondering that while everybody is doing the same, how is an appreciation letter from Shubh going to make difference? I hope that at the end of the day every effort will count whether it is big or small.

Dear Hospitals,

Thanks for your work during this time. I know that you are helping many different patients during these tough times to save their lives and to help them even though you might be in danger. I am really grateful that you guys help so many people, you guys are heroes. Like they say, “Not every hero wears a cape.” In this case you heroes wear coats and masks. Even though I might not have had to go to you, the fact that you are helping this world is just so great.

I know that you are risking your health and your family’s health so others can be taken care of and saved. I know that you have been staying away from your families, because you have to stay away before you can meet them. And some of you who have children must be suffering, but for us, you are doing everything. This is what heroes do, so let me spell it out once again, H E R O E S.

My mom needed her medicine for migraine, but for that, she needed a prescription, so she went to you guys and you prescripted her medicine easily. During that time, she saw that you guys were cleaning everywhere so that they could stay safe from Covid-19. I just don’t know how you do this without fear, but I am very grateful for it

As you continue risking your lives, I hope you stay safe always. After all, you have to live to let others live! I hope your families and you always stay safe. Nothing happens to any of you, and thanks to you one last time, even though I should never really stop saying thanks to you.

With Thanks,

Shubh Varshney

    So that was my thank you letter to doctors. Below, I will show you two of my favorite short stories I wrote. Plus, I am working on a book (Hint hint, it's about dragons) that will hopefully be finished by 2021. I believe that children know the best about what children like. So as I promised, below will be two of my favorite stories.

    Steve's Mom

Steve’s mom was very mean. That is what Steve thought. She didn’t let him go outside because of the Coronavirus, she didn’t let him play with his friends, and she didn’t order his favorite pizza from his favorite restaurant either. Steve didn’t like this. He would always cry and shout because he didn’t have anything to do. He hated the Coronavirus and he was annoyed by his mom at that moment. He was annoyed like any other kid would be when their parents said no. 

One day, Steve went to his dad to ask for help, but that didn’t work. Steve’s dad was working all day so he didn’t have time to do anything. When Steve did find his dad’s free time, his dad said that he should obey his mother because she is doing this for his own good. He said that Steve had so many other things to do rather than just playing. Steve knew that, and he did that, but he couldn’t just go about without playing outside even once.

Steve didn’t have any siblings either. He didn’t have anybody he could play with while staying at home. Every time he tried to say something his mom would say no and say that Steve shouldn’t argue, so he didn’t. But he was annoyed. He liked doing everything, but he didn’t like being forced to do it. He liked to do it when he wanted to. 

The next day, when Mother’s Day was so close, he worked on a card, which he put his heart in. He knew that his mom might have stopped him from doing that, but doing more research, he realized it was for his own good. He made that card and he went to give it to his mom. She was very grateful for him and hugged him. She made pizza that day and yummy dessert. Steve then realized that he was annoyed at his mom for no reason. He said sorry to her for arguing and yelling at her and he gave her the lovely child’s hug.

During the Covid-19, our moms are heroes, so no matter what they do, be thankful for it, and know that they always want our good, so instead of getting annoyed at them, we thank them and make them happy in any way we can.

That was my first story. Below is another one of my stories - 


Living Room Houseplants - Tips On Growing Plants In The Living Room

Honestly, I was never a fan of going outside, except for riding my bike or visiting friends/relatives. Most of what I did always happened indoors. Growing plants, get indoor ones. Getting groceries, just let your parents go. Exercising, do it at home. Play with friends, do it at home. Schooling, leave it to your mom. So this is exactly what I mostly do, which means I do everything mostly at home. Now some of my friends always ask me why I do this. There are actually multiple reasons. I don’t want to face the hot sun, there is not enough space because of the garden, and there are barely any kids that are ready to play with me. I actually came here two months ago from India, and as a plant lover, I loved this place. I was going around checking all the plants when I saw this one tomato. That tomato was pretty rotten, so I decided to take it out of the bunch. And as soon as I took it out and put it in my shirt pocket, someone was running towards me. And in return, I did what I always do, I ran away.

Yes, I have been running away my whole life. I have been running away from scary things, people, and pretty much the whole world. This is because running away is the only thing that has done good to me. And now that we just heard the news about the apartment going into the city’s hands, I think that it is time to run away again. I just want to go back to my house, my home, the place where I get real happiness. Cleveland is not where I like it! Sure, there are plants everywhere, and I am also a seed folk, but it doesn’t make me happy! I can’t help someone because they will start chasing me, I can’t go outside because everybody will be weird about it since that tomato incident, and so on. 

My mom is the best. She always stays with me, teaches me, but there is one problem. She encourages me to go outside. For instance, like today. Today, I just tried to go outside. I tried to not be weird about it, and I started planting my own seeds. I planted cumin, peppers, and cilantro. As I was planting, this man came up to me. He told me that I could use the garbage can water supply behind me and I can ask people for help. When he said that I could get help, my way to view the world was changed. Us seedfolks did have the power to change Cleveland, and I would participate no matter what. This day, I stopped running away, instead I faced everything head on.

Now this story was a bit bigger. Now the cool thing is, that both of these stories include my own life experience. Some of my feelings or events were the same, but the stories are actually way different. That is why these are my favorite stories. Anyways, thanks for reading my stories diary, and I hope you actually did read them. So now I will take my leave.


Shubh Varshney

To Readers : Thanks for reading both my stories, and I hope you share my thank you letter to doctors if any of your relatives are doctors. I should also thank you guys for giving me so much attention. I love the nice comments I get and I would love if you guys would subscribe to my blog. To subscribe, scroll all the way up, and next to the title, you will see the button. Click on it, enter your email, and that's it. It's for free, and it's only to show me that I am doing a good job.  With this way, you could also get to my blog posts first! Lastly, thanks again and more thanks!    _____________________________________________________________________________


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