Day 15 - Opposite Dystopian Stories about Covid - 19 - Part 1

Day 15

    Dear Diary, 

    You might be wondering what exactly the image above is. So let me tell you. This is a Dystopian image. And if you don't know what Dystopian means, go here. So about this image, it isn't the only one. In fact, not only are there images, there are short films, stories, etc. As you know that I am a story writer, I am going to of course join this trend and write not one, but two Dystopian stories. One is going to be something that turns out good for us, and the other, well, it's going to be the opposite. Something kind of like the image above.

Story 1 - The Cure

    It's been twenty years since this whole Covid-19 thing started. Nothing has changed at all. We all are stuck in our houses and neither the cure, nor the vaccine have been found. Well, there have been several vaccines, but none worked, and the same could be said about the cure. I was born during the time Covid-19 started. I have never seen school, I have never been outside. My whole li…

Day 14 - A story towards Dog Man and a watercolor painting of fruits.

Day 14 Stories, Stories, and More Stories
      Dear Diary,
      Hi again! Today, let's discuss about the drawings I made. I have made plenty of them, here are two of them which were made recently and are my favorites. The first drawing  is from the Dog Man book. It's drawn well enough; Ok, I guess you decide, but the coloring part went wrong. It is below with another one of my stories.

The Dog-Man Incident       John the policeman didn't like Dog Man at all. He thought it was very bad influence for his young "policeman" son. But John's son Joe didn't think that. Joe loved Dog Man and he would draw pictures of it all the time. Yesterday, he drew pictures of the title cover. John didn't like the fact that They just added an animal head to a human body and turned him into a cop. John wanted Joe to be a real cop. Someone risking their lives to protect others, someone smart  and trustworthy that everybody could trust, just like Joe thought Dog Man was. The…

Day 13 - Thanking Doctors during Corona pandemic and Storytime!

Day 13    Dear Diary,

    Happy Weekend. Today, there was nothing special to share with you so I thought I'd share some very interesting writing pieces of mine. While last time we thanked shopkeepers, this time we are going to thank doctors.  You might be wondering that while everybody is doing the same, how is an appreciation letter from Shubh going to make difference? I hope that at the end of the day every effort will count whether it is big or small.

Dear Hospitals,
Thanks for your work during this time. I know that you are helping many different patients during these tough times to save their lives and to help them even though you might be in danger. I am really grateful that you guys help so many people, you guys are heroes. Like they say, “Not every hero wears a cape.” In this case you heroes wear coats and masks. Even though I might not have had to go to you, the fact that you are helping this world is just so great.I know that you are risking your health and your family’s h…

Day 11 & 12 - Gratitude Towards Storekeepers, Recipe For Almond Cookies

Day 11

    Dear Diary, 

    I'd really like to talk to you about all of the things the doctors, police, and storekeepers do for us by risking their lives. I kind of got this idea from my school teacher, who assigned us to write letters to storekeepers thanking them for what they do. This was for this week, but for every week of May, I will write a Letter of gratitude to each different department that helps us. Below is the one I wrote to shopkeepers.  
Dear Workers at grocery stores,                                                                                                                                                     05/07/2020Thanks for still working during these hard times for us! I know that there are people working day and night stocking shelves, helping us checkout and fill our bags. Some of you guys even help us find items, and to make sure that we are healthy, you clean individual carts, and clean the store. And not to forget those people who wor…

Day 9 & 10 - Happy Lemon Chiffon Cake Day, nonsensical riddles, painting of Lord Buddha and many more during lockdown.

Day 9 -  Happy Lemon Chiffon Cake day with Nonsensical riddles
     Dear Diary

     Happy Lemon Chiffon Cake Day! I know that was random, but all national days are random. Today's national day is the day I wished you for above. The only surprising part is that they get these random days from somewhere and these random days are based on random creations. Because I can tell that you 99.9% didn't know that it was National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day in America until I told you. Now Diary, if you are listening to me not on April 29th or if you are listening to me from outside of America, then don't blame me for "lying" that it was National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day.      Anyways, leaving all this nonsense aside, I bring you, more nonsense! Just saying the word nonsense is just nonsense! But the more nonsense I am about to bring you might not be so bad, because these are "nonsensical" riddles, meaning that they are hard riddles, and you are not supposed to think so…